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Board Leadership


Kid Directors:

  • Write their own bylaws

  • Follow an agenda

  • Review and approve meeting minutes

  • Understand what a quorum 

  •  Practice voting protocol: motion, second, vote

  • Play Officers: chair, treasurer, secretary

Visionary Leadership


Kid Directors:​​

  • Lead the direction of the program, its focus and outcomes

  • Powerfully share their insights, ideas, and vision

  • Imagine a future for a world they want, and take steps to fulfilling on it

Creative Leadership


Kid Directors:

  • Learn by being free to experiment and make mistakes

  • Explore entrepreneurial skills such as branding, marketing, and product development

  • Innovate solutions to problems using their creativity


Kid Directors:

  • Hear and acknowledge others 

  • Openly dialogue and disagree

  • Experience their own, and others', greatness

  • Learn to surprise themselves, going beyond their so-called limits

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