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​Program Logistics

  • Ages: 8 to 12 year olds

  • 12 weeks long (one biz quarter) 

  • 1 x 1.5 hour live virtual program each week

  • Facilitated by founder Rachel G. Barnard

  • 10 young people per program
  • Free


Note: Programs, and your child's participation in the programs, will be video recorded and may be shared on our public platforms (website and social media).

Program Subjects will include: 

  • Environmental Justice

  • The Toy Industry 

  • Entrepreneurship

At Big Brain Box kids are the heroes.

Each session will be structured by the Restorative Arts Model our founder, Rachel G. Barnard developed over ten years leading her organization, Young New Yorkers. 

Experiencing One's Own Greatness

  • Personal greatness is self-defined by each young person

  • The group begins to celebrate each other for their unique and amazing qualities

  • The power of creating a culture of acknowledgment

Generous Leadership

  • Deep listening: hear and acknowledge others

  • Authentic self-expression as a contribution to the group and to the world 

  • Open and respectful dialogue and ways to disagree

Growing and Learning

  • Being free to openly make mistakes without fear of judgment

  • Leaning into the (sometimes scary) feelings of doing something for the first time

  • Learning to surprise ourself - going beyond our so-called limits

Honestly Auntie Rachel, if you want kids to play for a long time you can just give them any old box!
—Eadie, Founding member of the board (and Rachel's niece)