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At Big Brain Box kids are the heroes.

​Program Logistics

  • Ages: 8 to 12 year olds

  • 12 weeks long (one biz quarter) 

  • 1 x 1.5 hour live virtual program each week

  • Facilitated by founder Rachel G. Barnard

  • 10 young people per program
  • Free


Note: Programs, and your child's participation in the programs, will be video recorded and may be shared on our public platforms (website and social media).

Program Subjects will include: 

  • Environmental Justice

  • The Toy Industry 

  • Entrepreneurship

Each session will be structured by the Restorative Arts Model our founder, Rachel G. Barnard developed over ten years leading her organization, Young New Yorkers. 

Experiencing One's Own Greatness

  • Personal greatness is self-defined by each young person

  • The group begins to celebrate each other for their unique and amazing qualities

  • The power of creating a culture of acknowledgment

Generous Leadership

  • Deep listening: hear and acknowledge others

  • Authentic self-expression as a contribution to the group and to the world 

  • Open and respectful dialogue and ways to disagree

Growing and Learning

  • Being free to openly make mistakes without fear of judgment

  • Leaning into the (sometimes scary) feelings of doing something for the first time

  • Learning to surprise ourself - going beyond our so-called limits

Honestly Auntie Rachel, if you want kids to play for a long time you can just give them any old box!
—Eadie, Founding member of the board (and Rachel's niece)

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