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  • Rachel G. Barnard

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Being human is weird. This past week I've been on a lazy susan of purported productivity. Inside my head sounds something like this:

Oh I've got to find local laser cutters>then>oh but what about factories in China>then>oh but unless I start building "channels" it won't matter so let me focus on a communication plan>then>oh but what about customer interviews>then>oh but let me read this article about startup cash flow first...

...until I'm, you know, just standing still in the middle of a merry-go-round of ever shifting priorities. To properly demonstrate this I spent ten minutes I'll never get back (but will hopefully make you laugh) making this chart. And I didn't even brand it.

So a declaration: This coming week I am focusing on product development FIRST. I am going to spend 90minutes of undisrupted time on this everyday. I know my future self is going to be "but without building an audience there's no point making a great product." But I really need to hop off this whirly gig thinking and get one thing done.

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